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Bio: Thanks for stopping by! My names are Victor Olakitan meaning wealth don't finish, from the family of Oyefeso. A young man of vision, with a guiding philosophy that we are co-creator with God and therefore we all have a part to play in the task of rebuilding the physical, spiritual and the intellectual damages caused by the arch-enemy, satan. I am the founder and president of Global Impacters' Network; a network of visionary individuals with a common interest of IMPACTing the world by building and re-building the ruin places. I am also the CEO of VICVID Signature Enterprise; an Event Planning, Printing, Branding and Publishing Outfit that provides solution to corporate and social needs. An uncommon man with a progressive Ideology, I believe there is no limit to what God can use a man to achieve in the manifestation of His plan on earth. I also believe eyes have not seen, nor ears heard, nor has it enter into the conception of men, the depth of riches, wealth and prosperity that God has deposited into the account of many of us who are His children and by divine leading we are beginning to withdraw from it. A mentor to many High Net-Worth youths and has assisted many in the attainment of the call and purpose of God for their life. An incurable business man who run his life like a business and have identify the greatest tools in Human Management & Resourcefulness, these are: Time, Opportunity, Preparation, Foresight, Ability to make good Decision, Environment and Mindset (TOPFADEM). I believe if these tools are properly utilized, man can move from the realm of ordinary being to an extra-ordinary creator (whom they originally are). Victor Oyefeso believes so much in Nigeria and the Nigerian Dream and has been following politics since age 16. At 18 he joined active politics, and since then he has been actively involved in both partisan and non-partisan politics in Nigeria. I am a passionate crusader for visionary leadership, I believe there is an urgent need for vision in every state of chaos. My topmost ambition is to be on top of my chosen career, pleasing God while fulfilling purpose. I am the author of 'Right or Wrong? Trousers for females' and 'Stories of Greatness', with many other unpublished articles and books. Victor wants to be remembered as a jovial but devoted HUSBAND, a disciplined but affectionate FATHER, an obedient SON, an uncomplicated but a typical BROTHER, an unpredictable but dependable FRIEND, an uncompromising but trustworthy COLLEAGUE and a SAINT in the hereafter. To contact Victor Oyefeso for a life-changing experience please call: 07082155606 or E-mail victoroyefeso@gmail.com.

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