Letter to the Church; Approach to Evangelism

Letter to the Church

Approach to Evangelism

It is a fact that the world systems changes every 10 years, but it baffles me that we christians don’t change. Many things we do, we do it the old way. ”Remove not the ancient landmark” hmm?.

It is also a fact that most of what we do in church today are becoming mere exercises producing little or no results. Reason: We are too static in our approaches.

If all we do in our churches and the secular world is producing maximum result, there will be no need for a new approach.

In the book of Genesis and chapter 1, the bible described the Holy-Spirit as a Moving Spirit. Surprisingly, I don’t know where the church inherited its unchanging and unskillful approaches from.

I will only site only one example with the issue of evangelism. Obviously, our approach to evangelism, most especially in a mega city like Lagos cries for a change.

The church is becoming a reproach anytime it sets out for what it calls Evangelism, as people are getting tired of the regular ‘Jesus is Lord’ without a corresponding POWER to back it up.

The spirit of anti-christ is already in the world, making men to show lack of interest in God’s business. Hence, our approaches to communicating the uniqueness of Christ must change.

We must identify the need of the people and then meet it. If you meet my need, I can hardly deny you or what you represent.

A friend told me of a story of how Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo shared bags of rice to a group of muslim sisters, all wearing a veil (hijab) and in their hijab they were shouting hallelujah. If you ask me, I think that is Real Evangelism. Even without tagging it so, it is a powerful evangelism befitting and necessary in this generation.

* Give the hungered food and they will believe and follow your Jesus

* Give the unsecured security, and your Jesus will be glorified

* Provide education for the uneducated. By so doing, you have empowered generations.

* Provide generators in villages where there is no light. That will help preach that our Jesus is Light.

* Every church should have and atleast adopt one field in a village where people who have not known christ settles; running regularly an empowerment training on catering, event decorations, computer appreciation, bag making, bead making etc. This may not necessarily be done in the name of evangelism, but believe me, in no distant future, the people will by themselves ask for your Jesus.

* Buy houses and rent it out to the poor for an affordable cost, by so doing you are lending to the poor, and Jesus said He will payback in a better fold.

* Buy companies, employed graduates, uneducated, give them reasons to smile, so they could praise the name of Jesus.

* These and many other great ideas are what I think should be our approaches to telling the people of this generation of the saving power and love of our dear JESUS.

Please note that this write up is not to undermine the very essence or importance of personal or group evangelism, rather, it is geared towards opening up of other viable but neglected approaches to an effective modern day evangelism.

It is TIME for the church to wake up and do the business the way it should be done in 21st century.

Finally Church, whatever thing is true, holy, noble, pure, right and of good conscience, please ‪#‎ THINK‬on these things. Phil 4:8 paraphrased

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Thursday 14th August, 2014


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