My First Missionary Experience

My First Missionary Experience


When you check the word ‘missionary’ in any dictionary, you will come across something like: ‘a person who is sent on a mission’.

A missionary is a person who is sent on a mission but then, WHO sent him and for what PURPOSE was he sent?

In trying to answer the above question I will explain briefly from the perspective of Jesus of Nazareth as stated in the book of Luke chapter 10 verses 25 to 37. Because of space, I will only quote the verse 30: ”Then Jesus answered and said ”A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among theives, who stripped him of his clothing, WOUNDED him, and departed, leaving him half dead””

Many have been wounded as a result of family background, generational curses, wrong decisions. The certain man that Jesus mentioned was wounded as a result of a wrong decision. He ‘went down’ from Jerusalem (the land of peace) to Jericho (the land of curse) and as a result ‘fell’ among thieves.

The destiny of many have been destroyed or delayed because they or someone with authority over them made a wrong or evil decision on their behalf. The certain man is favored as some didn’t have such ‘luck’; he was wounded but left half dead. The reason why he was not killed was because GOD HAS A SPECIAL INTEREST IN HIM.

Many of those who are still living (without Christ) today have been attacked and wounded by spiritual robbers who have stolen their purpose, greatness, peace etc. and they urgently need a NEIGHBOR. This is the reason why Jesus ended that parable by saying ”Go and do likewise’.

All Christians are sent by JESUS to do what the Good Samaritan does. We are to go extra miles to save the dying souls in this dying world by EXPANDING Jesus KINGDOM to them.

We are debtors with the RESPONSIBILITY to DELIVER the PURPOSE, HEALING, and the GREATNESS POWER of God to the people under dark and satanic influence.

Whatever we do in church without ETERNAL significance is not worth doing at first.


We were a 7-member team led by bro Niyi Olaleye, a faithful, experienced and passionate lover of soul-winning who has been into field missionary trip to dark places for about a decade.

We left Lagos Nigeria on Thursday April 17th 2014 at 5:49pm and arrived at the headquarters office of Action Missionnaire Interafricaine/CAPRO office in Aidjedo, Cotonou, Republique du Benin at about 8:48pm and were received by the Country Cordinator Mr. Molumba who was already expecting us. Since it was late, we passed the night there, and the following morning we were given a brief orientation before we proceeded to the mission field at Tori, a 140klm journey from Cotonou.

At about 11:20am on Friday 18th April we arrived the mission house (BP26 Tori Bossito atlantique) in Tori-Bossito and we were received by the Resident Field Missionary Brother Emmanuel Udoh and his lively wife Sis. Dorcas.

Our host welcome us and gave us a detailed orientation of the expectations and challenges we will encounter at the various mission fields. Truly the first challenge we encountered was language barrier.

Mr Emmanuel Udoh (our host) has been living in Tori Bossito since 1998, and has so far established some of the first notable churches in Tori. Some of this churches called field (in missionary terms) are five, twelve and twenty kilometers away. At a time, I had to ride the bicycle of our host to one of the fields which is 7klm on a dusty clay road to safe cost.

Tori Bossito

Tori Bossito may not have tarred roads except the road that enter the village, but it has one health center, police station, two primary school and two secondary school etc.

Tori natives speaks Fon, though less than 5% understand Yoruba but cannot speak it well and about 20% speaks and undestand French which is the country’s official language. Tori people are hospitable but the land is under serious poverty and satanic influence as a result of idol worshipping, and there is high cost of goods. Tori has many small villages of about 10 huts scattered around it.


On our first day at Tori Bossito, we had a challenge of language interpretation as the interpreters arranged for us were not available. However, that didn’t stop us, our leader encouraged us to proceed to the streets to ‘demonstrate’ the LOVE of Christ, and to our supprise we were able to communicate that LOVE and many souls were saved.

We were able to visit all the mission fields/ churches established in the town or should I say village, for rugged rural evangelism. The missionary field visited are namely:

* Bossito
* Togoudo
* Abladoutin
* Acadjame
* Makiwvie
* Sumawve


For me, it was another PURPOSE DISCOVERY exercise. Some of the villages and huts visited had never heard about Jesus before. Some of their children and women dresses half naked. As little as N1,000 can change lives in Tori fields.

Food, clothes, mosquito nets are URGENTLY needed.

To know more about the mission work in Tori, please call: 08136410423.


* Father put in me a burden for souls
* Father put your LOVE in me, to go extra miles for the sake of the gospel.

Victor Oyefeso
Mon. 21st April, 2014


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