The Sin of ‘Giving Without Recieving’.

The Sin of Giving Without Receiving.

Giving is good, many knows that. Receiving at the other hand is good also and many also knows that too. What many does not know is that, what they RECEIVE must be measurable to what they give. By this I mean; for every of your giving, you should receive a higher size and quality. ”There should be no giving that is for giving-sake.”

If you are such that have been giving but have not been receiving in commensurate to what you give, then this article is for you.

If you are reading this article, I am sure you are either a moslem or a christian. Well, in the Qur’an, I do not know the categorization of sin but in the bible, I am familiar with the categorization, which many will say does not include ‘giving and not receiving’. While that may be true, I am also sure that many will believe with me that somethings are biblical, but are not fundamental, while some are fundamental but not biblical.

It is biblically right to give, receive and to do both. Also, it is fundamental to give, receive and ‘give and receive’. Hence, it is fundamentally and biblically wrong to give and not receive.

In the whole of the bible, there is no chapter that you will see the word ‘give’, and emphasis will not be laid on receiving.

I am sure you are familiar with that scripture that says ”it is more blessed to give than to receive”, and I hope you KNOW that the statement is not the same as ‘It is blessed to give than to receive’.

I am compelled to write this article because it grieves my heart when I see givers who are broke. It bothers me a lot anytime I see broke and poor Christians which exist in almost every society and every church.

Every time I see a poor and broke christian, I always wonder, whether such person pays tithe and give offerings. If he does, then it is either of the two reasons:

* It’s either such person is giving wrongly or
* He or she is not thought HOW to receive.

I once heard it for the first time from the mouth of my friend- Adeyinka Obafemi (Pastor) that ”there is a HOW to everything”, but sadly many don’t make necessary effort to know the ‘Hows?’.

Many are thought how to give and many enjoy giving, but unfortunately, only a FEW knows how to receive, hence its only a few that are actually receiving.

It is a sin to be giving and not be receiving. If you continue that way, you will soon dry-up.

Look at this statement made by the greatest and most respected man ever lived; Jesus in the book of Luke 8:36 said…

”Give and it shall be given unto you- good measure, press down, shaking together and running over. So shall men give unto your bosom.”

Isn’t it wonderful to know that Jesus perspective of giving is that, for EVERY of your ‘giving’, you should get the followings:

* Good measure
* Press down
* Shaking together and
* Running over.

It is important for you to know that for every of your gift, freewill offering, tithe, special offering, etc. there is a running over reward. Many are not giving today, because they do not have adequate training on HOW to receive.

Lesson: Every time you give; expect to receive. Though it may not be from the one you gave to, but you will definitely receive.

Warning: Don’t forget I said, one of the reason why people don’t receive is because they don’t give rightly. There is a HOW to give.

The purpose of giving should not be to receive, but you must give to receive. You must give to people who cannot pay back at that moment, give joyfully, and give according to instruction. That is God’s wisdom!

God gave humanity a precious gift of His son, when it does not deserve it. And now, He’s reaping hundreds of harvest of souls daily, as a result of His genuine gift.

At work, Wednesday 5th March, 2014. 17:40GMT


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