The Kingdom Mandate


Pearly Gates Landscape
If we christians don’t change our ATTITUDE; one day two guys will walk up to a pastor (in Nigeria) and say ”Marry us”, and if the pastor refuses; he will risk imprisonment. Miles Munroe

In 10 years, if Nigerian christians will not be AWAKE, they might be subjected to Sharia law. Miles Munroe

I did a research, and I found out that, since inception of Lagos State in May 1967; all the civilian governors are muslims, apart from Sir Michael Otedola 1992-93. 80% of the LG Chairmen from 1967 till date are also muslims. 70% of the Deputy Chairmen are muslims. 85% of the Councillors are muslims. 69% of the Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries are muslims.

Then I asked; ”Where are the Christians gone!?”. They are in the churches ofcourse, praying. They will not be involved in POLITICS because, ”politics is evil”, and so they’ve been teaching.

Maybe I need to state it here, that in the book of Genesis, God gave Adam dominion (RULE over the kingdom), but he soon lose the kingdom. Fortunately, Jesus came to restore the kingdom back to man. And commissioned men to go into the world and colonize the world for heaven; but instead of doing that, men chose to embrace religion over the kingdom mandate.

Christians wants to be seen as born-again instead of ‘Impacters’ or ‘Influencers’. They have become so RELIGIOUS, that they have ABANDONED the KINGDOM, and instead of becoming as WISE as serpent in COLONIZING the kingdom for JESUS, they have become so foolish as to losing the kingdom to people whom they are suppose to colonize. Sadly, this other ‘people’ are NOW using the same KINGDOM PRINCIPLES against the christians.

If christians don’t rise NOW and take WHAT is given to them, so they can influence legislation, then their CHILDREN will look back and curse them.

If they allow the ‘other people’ to continue to make law according to their BELIEF and religion, then they should be ready to pack their bags soon, become slaves, or be subjected to death purnishment.

Recently, I deliberately got close to one of the officials at the ongoing All Progresive Congress APC Membership Registration, and I realized that the people that were coming to register are 9 muslims to 1 christian, then I understand why in my LG we have Chairman, Deputy Chairman and 5 Councillors out of 6 as muslims.

What a shame! In a society where we have 60% christians and 40% muslims. You can see the effect of Religion, wrong doctrine and failed leadership on CHRISTIANITY.

I need to state here, that this article is NOT targeted to bring disreputation to Islam; rather its AIM is to awake my fellow comrade in the Lord who seems to be under perpetual sleep and slumber, to arise and take their rightful place BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

We must change our strategy from the religious idealism to INFLUENCE based methodism; only then can we systematically COLONIZE the world for Heaven, which is the primary REASON why we are SENT here.

Let he that have ears hear what the spirit is saying to the CHURCH.

My name is Victor Oyefeso

From my bed-side desk.
Wednessday 12th February 2014. 01:48 UTC.


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