The GOSPEL of the KINGDOMvictor oyefeso

February 19, 2014 at 8:54pm


Many holds an absolutely wrong UNDERSTANDING of the scriptures, contextually as it relates to the Great Commission given by our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:16-20.


We are not from here, we are SENT from Heaven here, NOT for fun but to COLONIZE (take control of) the world by PREACHING the gospel of the KINGDOM, and until this is done, the END is not near, and the CRISES has just began.

God is the first Colonizer and His original intention was to extend His kingdom to earth. ”Let us make man in our image… Let them have kingdom (dominion).

Since colonization is all about IMPOSITION of culture, man was sent to earth to fill/ or impose the earth with the CULTURE of heaven.

Sadly, when man got here, he lost CONTACT with heaven. Graciously, this is what Jesus came to RESTORE to the Church. Jesus came to restore the kingdom and then asked the Church to preach the GOSPEL of the KINGDOM.


The best WAY the church can ACHIEVE this COLONIZATION MANDATE is NOT by sitting in the churches praying and doing nothing (after all that’s all the church is been doing, till the SYSTEM got this bad), but rather WE are to take over the systems- entertainment, banking, government, education etc. and colonize it for the Kingdom. Matt 6:33

Note: I believe that the Church has the human and financial resources for this TAKE-OVER.

Further Analysis

After the baptism of JESUS by John, He was led by the Holy Spirit to the DESERT for His first TEST, and when He RETURNED, the ONLY message he preached was ‘REPENT!’; meaning ‘HAVE A CHANGE OF HEART.’

Jesus preached this message to the seaside PEOPLE in the land Zebulun (a people living in DARKNESS). Isn’t darkness what WE still EXPERIENCE in the world today? If yes, why has the message changed??

Instead of preaching REPENTANCE, the Church is now preaching ‘be born-again’.

When Adam and Eve fell, what they lose, was the KINGDOM (dominion, government) given to them. They didn’t lose religion, because RELIGION was not given to them. But the devil has craftedly replaced the kingdom message with religion and many NOW misunderstand the GREAT commission- which is to PREACH repentance to what I call the ‘gospel of the pharisees’. Matt 4:12-17.

What is truly the GREAT COMMISSION?

Note: It was the same message of ”Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” that Jesus was preaching WHEN and WHERE he met the first set of disciple, that he again at the same GALILEE, gave to His disciples as ‘The Great Commission’. That tells us that obviously, the message has NOT changed, because He hadn’t seen a change in the CONDEMNED world.

The gospel of the kingdom that Jesus was preaching is ALL about REPENTANCE (which means the church is commissioned to preach a CHANGE of HEART) and not that people should be born-again (religion).

Jesus only mentioned ‘born-again’ once in the bible at 2am to a religious man, a Pharisee named Nicodemus.

To be ‘born-again is what you BECOME when you REPENT and join the KINGDOM of GOD.

The Church was NOT commissioned to preach ‘You must be born-again’, rather the CHURCH was commissioned to PREACH a change of heart to a dying SYSTEMS (WORLD). And because the church failed in this responsibility, she has not been able to ACHIEVE much IMPACT in the SYSTEMS (world) because she is preaching a WRONG message- that the systems don’t want to ASSOCIATE WITH.

In conclusion, the great commission is about the MESSAGE of REPENTANCE. This is the GOSPEL of the KINGDOM!

I am not ignorant of the potent hatred that this post may generate from the Church and my Moslem friends on this platform, however #truthmustbetold.

I need my Muslim friends to understand that I love and respect them alot. Also, I am AWARE that Prophet Mohammed (SAW) is one of the greatest man to have lived.


The writings here are the opinion of the author. Right of Free Speech is reserved. However, feel free to copy, share and quote. Freely it was given on Thursday 20 February, 2014 by 3:55GMT.


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