Looking SEXY

Looking Sexy

February 26, 2014 at 12:11pm


The truth is, WE all want to look sexy, either you ADMIT it or not. To be modest, I mean, WE all want to look ROMANTIC, atleast to our loved ones.

Unfortunately, this DESIRE has now become one of the two main destructive WEAPON the devil is using against the DESTINY of our YOUTHS today. The two are:

The spirit of nakedness and
The spirit of gambling.

For the purpose of this subject, I will dwell ONLY on the first point- the spirit of nakedness.

If you are in a public place as you read this, you will see a considerable number of naked young ladies, even men are now going naked aslo, either by exposing their chest, boxer or both.

Another painful aspect of this is when you see women in their late fourties who now suddenly realize what they missed during their hay-days, also EXPOSING ‘disgusting’ and retired b**bs, all in the name of FASHION. Well, I believe judgement will start from the oldest to the youngest.

In this generation, nakedness is NOW the best fashion. If your dress covers all the private parts, then you are of the ‘old school’.

Gone are the days when trousers freaks ladies. It is now ‘minis’.

Most times you will see a girl of between age 12 and 16 years on mini skirt and you can’t but look twice and wonder whether she’s an orphan. Sadly, some parents purchases such evil dresses for their teenage kids, in the name of the ‘in-thing’.

Even our places of worship is not safe anymore for men, as young and old ladies, sunday school teachers, ushers, care-givers, choir members now exposes their br**st for ‘SAMPLING’.

The part that pains me most is the influence of that spirit- ‘spirit of nakedness’ on some of our pastor’s wife to the extent that, you cannot have a ‘safe’ conversation with some pastor’s wife anymore, because of ‘unholy’ sight of their exposed chest.

I hope that SOON, the church will NOT come to ACCEPT the trousers they once preached against as the most decent and APPROVED form of dressing for women. When you compare what some ladies wear today, you will even prefer they had wore a trouser, atleast that would cover some parts.

However, I am AWARE of ‘the REMINANTS’, the called-out ones called ECCLESIA. They dress to the glory of God, showing their beauty in a faultless manner.

Note: This MESSAGE is not to cast aspersion on the CHURCH, but to CORRECT an unholy DRESSING which is fast becoming a PATTERN in our FASHION lifestyle.

From bed, Wednessday 26th February 2014. 20:38 GMT

Victor Oyefeso with Patricia Ehi (Network Administrator, Global Impacters' Network)

Victor Oyefeso with Patricia Ehi (Network Administrator, Global Impacters’ Network)


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