Letter to the Church; Approach to Evangelism

Letter to the Church

Approach to Evangelism

It is a fact that the world systems changes every 10 years, but it baffles me that we christians don’t change. Many things we do, we do it the old way. ”Remove not the ancient landmark” hmm? Misinterpretation of the scripture, and unfortunately, I believe we do a lot of that.

It also a fact that most of what we do in church today are becoming mere exercises producing little or no results. Reason: We are too static in our approaches.

If all we do in our churches and the secular world is producing maximum result, there will be no need for a new approach.

In the book of Genesis and chapter 1, the bible described the Holy-Spirit as a Moving Spirit. Surprisingly, I don’t know where the church inherited its unchanging and unskillful approaches from.

I will only site only one example with the issue of evangelism. Obviously, our approach to evangelism, most especially in a mega city like Lagos cries for a change.

The church is becoming a reproach anytime it sets out for what it calls Evangelism, as people are getting tired of the regular ‘Jesus is Lord’ without a corresponding POWER to back it up.

The spirit of anti-christ is already in the world, making men to show lack of interest in God’s business. Hence, our approaches to communicating the uniqueness of Christ must change.

We must identify the need of the people and then meet it. If you meet my need, I can hardly deny you or what you represent.

A friend told me of a story of how Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo shared bags of rice to a group of muslim sisters, all wearing a veil (hijab) and in their hijab they were shouting hallelujah. If you ask me, I think that is Real Evangelism. Even without tagging it so, it is a powerful evangelism befitting and necessary in this generation.

* Give the hungered food and they will believe and follow your Jesus

* Give the unsecured security, and your Jesus will be glorified

* Provide education for the uneducated. By so doing, you have empowered generations.

* Provide generators in villages where there is no light. That will help preach that our Jesus is Light.

* Every church should have and atleast adopt one field in a village where people who have not known christ settles; running regularly an empowerment training on catering, event decorations, computer appreciation, bag making, bead making etc. This may not necessarily be done in the name of evangelism, but believe me, in no distant future, the people will by themselves ask for your Jesus.

* Buy houses and rent it out to the poor for an affordable cost, by so doing you are lending to the poor, and Jesus said He will payback in a better fold.

* Buy companies, employed graduates, uneducated, give them reasons to smile, so they could praise the name of Jesus.

* These and many other great ideas are what I think should be our approaches to telling the people of this generation of the saving power and love of our dear JESUS.

Please note that this write up is not to undermine the very essence or importance of personal or group evangelism, rather, it is geared towards opening up of other viable but neglected approaches to an effective modern day evangelism.

It is TIME for the church to wake up and do the business the way it should be done in 21st century.
Finally Church, whatever thing is true, holy, noble, pure, right and of good conscience, please ‪#‎ THINK‬on these things. Phil 4:8 paraphrased

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Thursday 14th August, 2014


What is Ebola Disease

Ebola Virus Disease

Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) or Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever (EHF) is the human disease caused by the Ebola virus. Symptoms typically start two days to three weeks after contracting the virus, with a fever, throat and muscle pains, and headaches. There is then typically nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, along with decreased functioning of the liverand kidneys. At this point, some people begin to have problems with bleeding.

The disease is usually acquired when a person comes into contact with the bloodor bodily fluids of an infected animal such as a monkey or fruit bat. Fruit bats are believed to carry and spread the virus without being affected by it.

Once infection of a human occurs, the disease may be spread from one person to another. Male survivors may be able to transmit the disease via their semenfor nearly two months. To make the diagnosis, typically other diseases with similar symptoms such as malaria, choleraand other viral hemorrhagic feverare first excluded. The blood may then be tested for antibodiesto the virus, or the viral RNA, or the virus itself, to confirm the diagnosis.

Prevention includes decreasing the spread of the disease from infected monkeys and pigs to humans. This may be done by checking these types of animals for infection and killing and properly disposing of the bodies if the disease is discovered. Properly cooking meat and wearing protective clothing when handling meat may also be helpful, as is wearing protective clothing and washing hands when around a person who has the disease. Samples of bodily fluids and tissues from people with the disease should be handled with special caution.

There is no specific treatment for the virus.

Efforts to help persons who are infected include giving them either oral rehydration therapy or intravenous fluids.

The disease has a high mortality rate: often between 50% and 90% of those who are infected with the virus.

The disease was first identified in the Sudanand the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It typically occurs in outbreaks in tropical regions of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Between 1976, when it was first identified, and 2014, fewer than 1,000 people a year have been infected. The largest outbreak to date is the ongoing 2014 West Africa Ebola outbreak, which is affecting Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria.

Efforts are ongoing to develop a vaccine; however, none exists as of 2014.

Signs and symptoms

Manifestation of Ebola begins abruptly with a sudden onset of an influenza-like stage characterized by general malaise, fever with chills, sore throat, severe headache, weakness, joint pain, muscle pain, and chest pain.

Respiratory tract involvement is characterized by pharyngitis with sore throat, cough, dyspnea, and hiccups. The central nervous systemis affected as judged by the development of severe headaches, agitation, confusion, fatigue, seizures, and sometimes coma.

My First Missionary Experience

My First Missionary Experience


When you check the word ‘missionary’ in any dictionary, you will come across something like: ‘a person who is sent on a mission’.

A missionary is a person who is sent on a mission but then, WHO sent him and for what PURPOSE was he sent?

In trying to answer the above question I will explain briefly from the perspective of Jesus of Nazareth as stated in the book of Luke chapter 10 verses 25 to 37. Because of space, I will only quote the verse 30: ”Then Jesus answered and said ”A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among theives, who stripped him of his clothing, WOUNDED him, and departed, leaving him half dead””

Many have been wounded as a result of family background, generational curses, wrong decisions. The certain man that Jesus mentioned was wounded as a result of a wrong decision. He ‘went down’ from Jerusalem (the land of peace) to Jericho (the land of curse) and as a result ‘fell’ among thieves.

The destiny of many have been destroyed or delayed because they or someone with authority over them made a wrong or evil decision on their behalf. The certain man is favored as some didn’t have such ‘luck’; he was wounded but left half dead. The reason why he was not killed was because GOD HAS A SPECIAL INTEREST IN HIM.

Many of those who are still living (without Christ) today have been attacked and wounded by spiritual robbers who have stolen their purpose, greatness, peace etc. and they urgently need a NEIGHBOR. This is the reason why Jesus ended that parable by saying ”Go and do likewise’.

All Christians are sent by JESUS to do what the Good Samaritan does. We are to go extra miles to save the dying souls in this dying world by EXPANDING Jesus KINGDOM to them.

We are debtors with the RESPONSIBILITY to DELIVER the PURPOSE, HEALING, and the GREATNESS POWER of God to the people under dark and satanic influence.

Whatever we do in church without ETERNAL significance is not worth doing at first.


We left Lagos Nigeria on Thursday April 17th 2014 at 5:49pm and arrived at the headquarters office of Action Missionnaire Interafricaine/CAPRO office in Aidjedo, Cotonou at about 8:48pm. We were received by the National Cordinator Mr. Molumba who is already expecting us. Since it was late, we passed the night there, and the following morning we were given a brief orientation and then we proceeded to the mission field at Tori, a 140klm journey from Cotonou.

At about 11:20am on Friday 18th April we arrived the mission house (BP26 Tori Bossito atlantique) in Tori-Bossito and we were received by the Resident Field Missionary Brother Emmanuel Udoh and his lively wife Sis. Dorcas.

Our 7-member team was led by bro Niyi Olaleye, a faithful, experienced and passionate lover of soul-winning who has been into field missionary trip to dark places for about a decade.

Our host welcome us and gave us a detailed orientation of the expectations and challenges we will encounter at the various mission fields. Truly the first challenge we encountered was language barrier.

Mr Emmanuel Udoh (our host) has been living in Tori Bossito since 1998, and has so far established some of the first notable churches in Tori. Some of this churches called field (in missionary terms) are five, twelve and twenty kilometers away. At a time, I had to ride the bicycle of our host to one of the fields which is 7klm on a dusty clay road to safe cost.

Tori Bossito

Tori Bossito may not have tarred roads except the road that enter the village, but it has one health center, police station, two primary school and two secondary school etc.

Tori natives speaks Fon, though less than 5% understand Yoruba but cannot speak it well and about 20% speaks and undestand French which is the country’s official language. Tori people are hospitable but the land is under serious poverty and satanic influence as a result of idol worshipping, and there is high cost of goods. Tori has many small villages of about 10 huts scattered around it.


On our first day at Tori Bossito, we had a challenge of interpretation as the interpreters arranged for us were not available. However, that didn’t stop us, as we went to the streets to ‘demonstrate’ the LOVE of Christ, and many souls were saved. Also we visted all the mission fields/ churches for rugged evangelism, namely:

* Bossito
* Togoudo
* Abladoutin
* Acadjame
* Makiwvie
* Sumawve


For me, it was another PURPOSE DISCOVERY experience. Some of the villages and huts visited had never heard about Jesus before. Some of their children and women dresses half naked. As little as N1,000 can change lives in Tori fields.

Food, clothes, mosquito nets are URGENTLY needed.

To know more about the mission work in Tori, please call: 08136410423.


* Father put in me a burden for souls
* Father put your LOVE in me, to go extra miles for the sake of the gospel.

Victor Oyefeso
Mon. 21st April, 2014

My Pledge

My Pledge

I (Victor Oyefeso) hereby make a pledge to all my social network connections and friends that I will continue to give you the right quality information that challenges your intellect and cause you to make transformational moves in your family, business, and community. Nothing will make me to jeopardize my relationship of IMPACT with you.

By year 2020, I hope to have created a viable option to google, where you can get quality informations on selected topics, through my various notes, posts, comments and web links.

This is surely difficult to believe; but, the seal of heaven will perform it.

So help me God!

My name is Victor Oyefeso
…working to shock the world.

Name: Victor Platform Oyefeso

My vision: To IMPACT lives positively, most especially the YOUTHS.

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Please join me!

A Mentor or Hero?

I have heard many motivational speakers and pastors talk about the importance of having a mentor as an aspiring person. It was said that whether you are a carpenter, shoemaker, lawyer, banker, trader, career person or politician, you need a mentor.

If a mentor is truly necessary for every aspiring individual, the next question to ask is ‘WHO IS A MENTOR’ and ‘WHAT SHOULD BE HIS OR HER DUTIES OVER YOU?’

According to a definition; a mentor is a coach, guide, tutor, facilitator, councelor and trusted advisor. A mentor is someone willing to spend his or her time and expertise to guide the development of a Mentee.


In Greek mythology, Mentor was the son of Heracles and Asopis. In his old age Mentor was a friend of a legendary king of Ithaca by name Odysseus or Ulysseus. When King Odysseus was going to the Trojan war, he placed Mentor and his foster-brother Eumaeus in charge of his son Telemachus. Mentor was to take care of Telemachus and nurture him in the kingly way until he returns.

When Athena visited Telemachus she took the disguise of Mentor to hide herself from the suitors of Telemachus’s mother Penelope. As Mentor, the goddess encouraged Telemachus to stand up against the suitors and go abroad to find out what happened to his father.

When King Odysseus returned to Ithaca, Athena appeared briefly in the form of Mentor again at Odysseus’ palace.

Mentor as a term

Because of Mentor’s relationship with Telemachus, and the disguised Athena’s encouragement and practical plans for dealing with personal dilemmas; the personal name Mentor has been adopted in English as a term meaning someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with a less experienced colleague.

The first recorded modern usage of the term can be traced to a 1699 book titled ‘Les Aventures de Télémaque’, by the French writer François Fénelon. In the book, Mentor was the lead character. This book was very popular during the 18th century and the modern application of the term can be traced to this publication.

Because of the significance of Mentor to Telemachus, the word ‘mentor’ was adopted to mean a guide or tutor among other relative meanings. Obviously, the need of a mentor cannot be overemphasized, most especially for those who have no ‘mentor’ in their parents.

The Holy-Bible also stated that ‘In the multitude of counsel (tutor or guide) there is safety’.

Sadly is the fact that, many who are bestowed with the responsibility of mentoring are not actually doing that. They are simply heros.

I have come accross a lot of aspiring youths who would say ”So so and so is my mentor” and by the time I wisely ask them ”When last did you speak with your mentor?”, some would lie, while some are truthful ”Last year” or ”Five months ago” they would confess.

A mentor is not someone you hardly speak with. A mentor is the person who instruct you regularly.

I was in a meeting recently, and Niyi Adesanya (a foremost leadership and motivational speaker in Nigeria) said and I rephrase ”If you have not spoken with your mentor in 3 months, then you need another mentor.” And really, going by the definition and the root meaning of the word mentor, I believe:

If you haven’t spoken with your mentor in 30 days, then you need another mentor.

Many that people call a mentor, are merely a hero.

Where Are You?

Where Are You?

This article is targeted at everyone who is opportune to read it, I mean you. Where are you?

The only person who could authoritatively ask ”Where are you?” is either your friend, siblings, parents, boss and God. But then you may want to ask ”Why would God ask where am I?”, afterall He is called Omniscience- the all knowing God.

There are only two reasons why someone may be seeking to know where you are. It is either the person is not with you OR the person did not find you where he expect you to be.

Whichever the case may be among the two reasons; absenteeism is the only basis for that statement. Unfortunately, many are lacking, unavailable, emotionally, financially, physically, spiritual and mentally. A lot of people are not where they should be, or where they claim to be.

Many husbands are unavailable in their family, unavailable in their relationship and in their responsibilities towards their family, leaving their wife continuously asking the same question ”Where are you?”

I have seen homes where the wife has assumed the leadership role; paying for rent, children school fees, utility bills and virtually everything because of absentee husband.

At the other end, some wives too are emotionally absent in their marriage, partly due to several failures of the head to lead accordingly. Some married women are also physically irregular at home and sometimes absent, leaving their husband and children at the mercy of house-helps or ‘Mama-put’.

Well, you will agree with me that all the aforementioned narratives are a bit better as long as one party is shouldering the responsibilities well. I have seen a worse case scenario where both husband and the wife who are suppose to be responsible parents to their kids are now lacking at home and to their children, who are the one that always suffer for it. The excuse is always ”We have to work.” A situation where a husband and the wife works Monday to Saturday from 6am to 8pm, and on Sunday they are out as early as 8am also, either to the Gym, Church, Viewing Center, Club or to the Spar. They hardly spend 2 hours with the kids. I believe this is one of the 21st century madness; whereby you give birth to children you don’t have time to physically care for, and as a result, exposing them to several abuses from the hired care-givers, ranging from sex abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse to neglect.

The last but not the least in the category of absentees are ‘absentee children’. Just like absentee parents; absentee children neglect and refuses to reciprocate the love and care shown them by their mother or father while they were growing up. They easily forget and refuse to consider what their parents went through when they were nurturing them.

This absentee children failed to realize that the primary reason why a parent would take a very good care of his or her children is for future security. So that when they are old and their strength is failing, they can have someone to rely on, but sadly, many children are no where to be found doing this. Many are in the city but have abandoned their parents in the village, probably with a frustrated house-help who is always looking for an opportunity to escape daily responsibilities.

Men, Where Are You?

In every state of chaos, God always call unto the man. There must be something unique about male leadership.

In the book of Genesis chapter 3 verse 9, the bible recorded that the Lord God called to the man, ”Where are you?”

Without sounding religious, it is important for men to know that in this state of global crisis; men must rise up from all backgrounds, and first of all, be the leader their wife and children needs. Then follow suit to defend their community from whatever challenges confronting it. If this can happen; if we have RESPONSIBLE MEN who are truly responsible at home, men who understand their place as being a problem-solver and not problem-creator, then more than half of the global crises is already solved.

The reason why the greatest mental and physical strength lies with men is not for egoistic ventures, rather it is to channel it to solving problems. Unfortunately, many men are lost today, comparing themselves with another and as a result battling with rivalry, vainglory, and competition. This has place an undue pressure on them, such that they always found themselves in a mess.

Let me end this by saying; your allocation can only get to you, if you stay where you are meant to be.

Are you in the US, when you should remain in Nigeria?

Have you toned your skin to white, when actually you are born black?

Have you started your own ministry, when you should be working with another ministry?

Are you running helter-skelter,when really you should stand-still?

Where are you?

Victor Oyefeso

Thursday March 13th, 2014. 00:20GMT

Producing or Consuming?

Producing or Consuming?

It gives me much joy to venture into such a challenging topic as this, as I am very sure it is a right step to solving financial problems that is or has been facing individuals, businesses and government organizations. Therefore, to venture into such an article as this, is to profer a solution to combating our ‘roaring economic enemy’.

One of the measurements of the performance of every economy is its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and the primary driving force of economic growth in any country is the growth of productivity, which is the ratio of economic output to inputs (capital, labor, energy, materials and services (KLEMS)).

Gross Domestic Product GDP is the broadest measure of a country’s economy, and it represents the total market value of all goods and services produced in a country during a given year.

In a sense, Nigeria’s current economic output is underperforming its potential output with its large population of 170 million, which is 3 times the size of South Africa’s at 52 million. With its huge population disparity Nigeria’s rebased GDP of $432 billion compares with South Africa’s GDP of $370.3 billion at year end 2013 is still not justifiable.

For Nigeria to economically compete with South Africa which holds the largest economy in Africa till 2012, its GDP should be standing at $1 trillion so as to able to have a positive impact on per capital income, among other indices.

Some report stated that Nigeria now has the largest economy in Africa for YE2013(though this is NOT the same as the best), while another report gave the following as the true figure for year end 2013:

Richest African Countries (by 2013 GDP)
1. South Africa: $595.7 billion (up 17.8%)
2. Egypt: $551.4 billion (up 25.1%)
3. Nigeria: $478.5 billion (up 50.6%).

Whilst it’s a good news to believe that Nigeria has finally overtaken South Africa to assume it’s rightful place as the largest economy in Africa, we should however pause for reflection upon the following facts:

1. South Africa still has the most diversified/sophisticated economy in Africa.
2. South Africa has the best infrastructure (roads, rail, airports, seaports, telcommunications, hospitals, higher institutions etc)in Africa.
3. South Africa’s power output (over 40,000MW) dwarfs that of Nigeria (about 4,000MW).
4. South Africa is the only country on the African continent that has and operates nuclear power plants
5. The JSE (with a market capitalisation of over $900billion is the largest stock exchange on the African continent. The Nigerian Stock exchange is the second largest with a market capitalisation of about $114billion.
6. The busiest and largest Airport in Africa is the Oliver Tambo airport in Johannesburg, which had over 18 million passangers in the year 2012/13. It can also accommodate the Airbus 380 – the largest commercial passanger plane in operation at the moment. Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos handled just over 7 million passangers for the year 2012/13. None of our airports (MMA included) can handle the Airbus 380.
7. GDP per capita for South Africa is about $6,800 whilst that of Nigeria (with the rebasing) will be about $2,600.
8. The biggest banks and telecoms companies on the contient are South African.
9. South Africa’s economy has a rating of BBB which is investment grade. Nigeria has a rating of BB-, which is three notches below investment grade.
10. For ease of doing business, out of 182 countries, South Africa is rated No.52 in the World, whilst Nigeria is rated 147.

I could go on and on. In a nutshell, we still have a LONG WAY TO GO.

Though in the long run the GDP will have a positive IMPACT on Nigerians; our government must realize that we cannot eat GDP and so unless there is a tangible improvement in the lives of our citizens, the new GDP figures mean nothing to the average nigerian.

Maybe our leaders need to consider the following GDP figures for 2013:

* Nigeria population is 170million with $420billion
* South Africa population is 52million with $400billion
* Hong Kong population is 7million with $263billion
* Italy population is 60million with $2trillion
* Singapore population is 5.4million with $275billion
* Sweden population is 9million with $524billion
* United Arab Emirate population is 9million with $349b
* Canada population is 35million with $1.8trillion
* France population is 64million with $2.6trillion
* UK population is less than half of Nigeria population, yet its worth $2.4trillion
* US population is less than twice that of Nigeria, yet its worth $16trillion.

Do you know that 170million Nigerians are not producing what 9million Swedish are producing?
Now let’s leave Nigeria for now and come down to Nigerians; I mean you. Are you PRODUCING or CONSUMING??

Carefully name ALL the things you consume daily and tick the ones you or any of your relative produce.

Now that you know the SOURCE of the problem. The question is, how do you want to tackle yours?

Victor Oyefeso
Saturday 08.03.14 13:49